heckerconsult considers itself a company’s partner, rather than an external service provider. It thinks and acts accordingly. The fundamental question it considers is:

How can existing brands and customer relationships be used for products and processes that will increase the company’s value, both now and in the future?

Developing an appropriate strategy for this question is a prerequisite for existence within the world of dynamic competition. Within an organization, objectives must be precisely formulated and clearly communicated – otherwise they are not understood, internalized and implemented. Communication structure is the necessary basis for this development.

Within the world of multimedia competition, customers that accept the challenge imposed by networked communication will be successful. They will take advantage of both the spectrum and the interplay of media and systems, and do so with the greatest impact. Design forms the gateway between strategy, technology and people.

heckerconsult provides you the support you need for consistent implementation of “in-time” and “on budget” solutions – both for individual services as well as integration of new management approaches.


Progressive convergence in the fields of media, information technology and telecommunications requires the use of networked communication strategies, as well as the parallel use of several different networked instruments and systems.

With experience and knowledge in the entire range of New Media and IT, heckerconsult can optimally coordinate all services, both in consulting and implementation.

Information can be deployed synergistically and accurately without the need for high media budgets. Communication applications can be created, selected and adapted, ones that are both future-proof and make existing systems usable.

Portfolio New Media & IT

  • Application and screen design
  • Online marketing:
    • Social media planning and management
    • Newsroom management
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Affiliate marketing (public and private)
    • E-mail marketing
    • Mobile marketing
    • Reputation management
    • Online PR and media strategy
  • Web design
  • Image and usability
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) design
  • Intranet and Extranet applications and systems integration:
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • E-Commerce tools and applications
    • Procurement systems
  • Online video marketing
  • Database management
  • Online magazines
  • Live events / streaming audio and video
  • Web conferencing
  • Community management and growth
  • On and offline presentations

Classic Advertising

Good design is a success factor. This is where our roots lie. Our lifeblood is in design. Yet good design is not the only key to success. An organization needs the right strategy, objectives, and ability to measure costs, as well as the ability to clearly define and adapt a message across all media. Only when this is in place are the right steps with communication strategies possible.

This is where heckerconsult can help. We creatively implement all measures and develop solutions for strategic design and marketing. Together with specialized partners, we create media plans and controlling concepts, as well as the tools to evaluate and optimize measures after their implementation.

Portfolio Conventional Advertising

  • Strategy and positioning for design and marketing
  • Coordination of all relevant measures and media
  • Media asset planning and control
  • Cross-media coordination
  • Corporate and in-house publishing
  • Business to business communication and marketing
  • Corporate identity: design and branding
  • Human resource marketing


PR means finding the right matter for the right target group – and credibly placing it at the right time through the right channel. Today, the majority of any target group can be reached digitally. The Internet and the fields of social and mobile communication have become important tools for PR, both as message multipliers and as a communication platform.

heckerconsult helps companies successfully place their products and services in the digital marketplace. A profound communication concept is the prerequisite for successful implementation. We develop customized strategies and creative concepts, ensuring proper positioning.

Portfolio Public Relations

  • PR strategy, development, and realization
  • Media communication integration and consistency
  • Image / brand strategy and development
  • Classic PR:
    • Product
    • Corporate
    • Business to Business (B2B)
    • Business to Consumer (B2C)
    • Lifestyle
    • Personality
    • Guerilla marketing
  • Online Marketing:
    • SEO
    • Online relations
    • Social media
    • Reputation management
  • Radio and audio PR
  • Corporate publishing:
    • Branded content
    • Product and business relaunch
    • Newsletters
    • Social and mobile

Management Consultation

Rapid process changes are part of the market and part of daily business. Whether, and to what extent, organizations and leaders are capable of responding to these changes using targeted management determines their success. Thus, it is more important than ever that organizations rely on competent guidance for upcoming changes.

heckerconsult supports organizations and individuals with its experience and knowledge. It does so by pointing out their strengths and competence, offering help in solving short and long term issues, visualizing alternative courses of action and installing changes effectively when needed.

Portfolio Management Consultation

  • Process management:
    • Organizational coaching
    • Systems analysis
    • Internal change management
    • Market change management
  • Internal communications:
    • Wikis
    • Corporate social media
    • Corporate blogs and social networks
    • Corporate video communication
  • Project management systems:
    • Development
    • Planning
    • Analysis
    • Implementation
    • Internal education
  • Project leadership
  • External change management
  • New business unit structure and development

Consulting and Implementation for Software Companies

With over 10 years of experience interacting with software companies who have unique characteristics, we offer a specialised consulting service aimed at these companies needs. Using our know-how, our database and contacts and our professional, trusted partners, we can offer all implementation and execution services.

We help you to position your product for strategic development and growth, with a focus on market and sales.

Portfolio Consulting and Implementation for Software Companies

  • Market positioning and branding: companies and products
  • Cross media marketing and communication
  • Market analysis
  • Distribution planning, organization and analysis
  • Software development coordination and control
  • Strategic product planning and business development
  • Licensing models
  • Product diversification
  • Process optimization for resellers and affiliates
  • Outsourcing:
    • Development
    • Distribution
    • Partnering
    • Service providers
    • Resellers


Firms thrive when they have a company-specific focus on present and future business strategies and processes – increasingly, IT is an integral piece of that strategic development. heckerconsult analyses the present state of a company, working together with the organization to defining goals for a relevant economic IT and communications landscape. Then we examine the feasibility of implementation and explain the steps and actions needed to carry out the work.

Depending on your needs, we can also just or in addition offer programmers, software engineers, IT architects and consultants to help implement customized projects that require competent and motivated employees, whether onsite or remotely. We make sure those we choose work well within your organization, fitting your team and company’s personally.

Portfolio IT Consulting

  • Software development and programing
  • Business consulting, project management, process optimization
  • Staff recruitment
  • Communications and network technology
  • Online presentation and content management
  • Business consulting and processes optimization
  • System and network security solutions
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • IT systems integration at scale
  • Cost-benefit analysis